2020 Online College Students Report

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Comprehensive Data on Student

Demands and Preferences

A History

This is the ninth edition of Online College Students Report. This year’s report is based on a survey conducted by EducationDynamics and Wiley Education Services, in early 2020 of more than 1,500 past, present, and prospective online college students across the nation. Some questions remain nearly every year, while those with more consistent responses rotate to identify significant shifts in attitudes; making the report a must-read every year. Evaluate year-over-year trends and discover key new findings.

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What's in the Report?

This annual report, produced by EducationDynamics and 
Wiley Education Services, details a nationwide survey of 1,500 prospective and enrolled online students, from recruitment to 
graduation, and provides recommendations on how to attract 
and serve these students.


You'll learn:

    "Who" online students are

     "What" their preferences for online learning are, and more 
       importantly, "why"

    • "Where" online students typically reside, relative to their 

    • The skills sets online students most desire and believe that 
       employers desire

    • Ways your institution can best serve the online audience 
       and STAND OUT in an increasingly crowded marketplace

       ...and much more!