Survey of the Enrollment Management Landscape

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About the Report

This report on marketing and student engagement provides benchmarks on the current landscape of online and adult higher ed enrollment management, and identifies the latest trends driving enrollments.

What's in the Report?

2021 promises to be a landmark year for higher education. Student marketing, messaging and enrollment activities are all shifting. Pre-existing trends accelerated faster than expected in 2020. Prospective students are spending more time online, engaging media in new ways and seeking more convenient learning pathways. The Survey of the Enrollment Management Landscape 2021 report uncovers the latest in marketing and student engagement for post-traditional and online higher education.


You'll learn:

  • Trends in adult and non-traditional student enrollments and persistence 
  • How awareness marketing is being transformed and how it is transforming higher ed marketing 
  • Social media engagement trends and which platforms are most widely used by today’s students 
  • The rapid rise in Over-the-Top advertising 
  • Year-Over-Year digital marketing benchmarks and trends
  • How putting students at the center of everything you do leads to better engagement and more enrollments.

      ...and much more!

Marketing and Student Engagement Benchmarks Report